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Upcoming Changes to Filing Documents at Companies House

As a consequence of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, The UK government is introducing a range of measures concerning the filing of documents at Companies Hoouse. The changes are designed to crack down on the laundering of money through the City of London.

The principal changes are as follows:

  • Small and micro companies will be required to submit Profit and Loss accounts with their annual accounts. This will mean that it will be possible for anyone to ascertain the level of sales and profits a company makes.
  • All documents will be required to be submitted on line. Paper copies will no longer be acceptable.
  • There are to be more restrictions on corporate directors.
  • To set up companies and file documents at Companies House the filer will be required to have a verified ID with Companies House. Amongst other things, this is likley to mean that only agents can form companies.

The government has not announced when the new measures will be implemented.