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Fifth SEISS Grant Claim

The fifth SEIS grant is similar in many respects to the previous 4 grant claims. However the level of the grant now depends on the extent to which turnover has dropped. In previous claims it was sufficient to declare that business had been adversely impacted upon by the pandemic.

The fifth SEISS grant is 80% of 3 months average profits (up to a maximum grant of £7,500) for those businesses whose sales have declined by 30% or more. Where sales have dropped by less than 30%, the grant is based on 30% of 3 months average profits (capped at £2,850).

To submit the grant claim 2 sales figures need to be submitted:

  • Sales for the 12 month period  starting between 1 April 20 and 6 April 20.
  • Sales declared on the 2019/20 tax return (if this was not a ‘normal’ year, then 18/19 can be used).

Claims need to be submitted by taxpayers, as the HMRC system prevents Agents submitting claims for their clients.


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