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Is it beneficial to trade as a limited company?

There are three major factors to consider when deciding whether it is beneficial to trade as a limited company.

Tax advantages of trading through a limited company.

From a purely tax point of view, it is nearly always advantageous to trade as a limited company. The tax advantages arise because the owner of a limited company is able to draw profits from their company as a dividend. Dividends are not subject to national insurance contributions and have a lower income tax rate applied to them than earned income.

A company is a separate person in the eyes of the law.

This generally means that the owner of a limited company does not have to settle the debts of their company, when the company is unable to do so.

A self-employed business and its owner are the same person in law and hence any debts of the self-employed business are the liability of the business owner.

A self-employed person is therefore at greater risk of being made bankrupt or of` losing their personal assets (for example their house) in order to settle their businesses debts.

Additional administrative burden

There are additional costs and duties associates with trading as a limited company, including the requirement to submit accounts and annual returns to Companies House.

Action plan

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