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Tony Shackleford

Chartered Accountant offering support to Limited companies and the self employed.

A recent EU case has provided a new interpretation on the working hours for those employees without a permanent work base.

For such employees, their travel time from home to all places of work needs to be taken into account when calculating hours worked. This can have an impact on the employer when ensuring that minimum wage legislation in adhered to.

The government’s policies to make housing more affordable to first time buyers, seems to miss the basic issue with the housing market. At present there are not enough houses being built to cope with the ever increasing UK population.

We recently came across a company which was providing company cars to its employees. It appeared that little consideration was being given to recent and proposed future changes in taxation of company cars.

As is usually the case with budgets, those items which have the most relevance tend not to be reported in great detail, if at all, in the media. This was certainly the case for the first budget of the Conservative government.

In our view, the most significant items in this budget were as follows:

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